• Various mutation available
  • All babies come with health guarantee
  • All babies have bright eyes and perfect feathers
  • Babies are socialized with other birds.

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The Nestling Haven has over thirty years experience raising different species of birds. All our information is from personal experience and research. We never give out information that we have not tried and been successful with. We do not give advice regarding possible health problems and concerns. Should you be concerned about your pets health, we strongly advise you contact your closest avian veterinarian as soon as possible. Do not wait, your pets life may depend on it.

The Nestling Haven is presently breeding Lovebirds, Indian Ringneck Parakeets, green and blue Quaker Parrots also known as Monk Parakeets, and various mutations of Cockatiels including Lutino, pied, pearl and whiteface.We are not a large breeding facility. We like to keep our breeders to a small amount so each and every baby bird gets the continuous attention and care they need to grow and be healthy and happy.

We a closed breeding facility, and due to health and safety reasons, we do not allow the public to view our parent birds. All our available babies are kept in a separate area and will be available for viewing when you arrive. Our parents and babies are important to us and we will not risk their health.

All Nestling Haven's parent birds are healthy with perfect feathers and bright eyes. They are all on a diet of vegetables, fruit, grain, egg (with shell), pellets and minimal seed. Homemade "Birdie Bread" is given as a snack and loved by all.

All of our babies are hand fed and handled many times every day so they are very tame. They are all abundance weaned and not force weaned. We believe it is healthier and less stressful for birds to grow and learn at their own pace. We keep all babies for approximately one week after weaning to monitor them. We need to be sure all babies are ready to leave for their new homes. We do not sell unweaned babies.

Our birds are all tame before they are released to any new family. This is important to us, as too many birds are re-homed because they are aggressive. If we are unable to fully tame a little one, the respective owner will be advised before we release. If a deposit has been left for a bird we are unable to tame, we will either refund the deposit or the new family may select another bird of the same species if any are available. We do our best to hand train all babies. We will attempt to teach all birds to "step up", but not using words. We believe a bird should step up as soon as your hand is put in front of him, and not by telling him to. All our babies are closed banded with AACC, the date, and our code "NH". These bands are registered and help identify and locate a breeder should the need arise. We prefer to use the closed bands as we have been advised of incidents where open bands have been put on older birds stating the incorrect hatch year.

Some of our clients are looking for a certain species of bird of a certain sex. DNA sexing is available for a pre-paid fee and a short wait time of approximately one week for results to be received. DNA results will be sent directly to The Nestling Haven via e-mail and we will forward the results to an e-mail address provided to us by the new owner.

Our prices for baby birds are firm, we do not barter. We may at our discretion give a slightly reduced price on older birds if new clutches are arriving. We only do this so the older birds can go to a great, loving home before the new babies arrive. Alot of time is spent with baby birds, and I do not want the older ones to be neglected in any way. Unfortunately, when birds are sold at prices much less than what they are worth, the value of the bird diminishes. This is not fair to registered breeders nor to caregivers of these birds.

A perfect example of the diminished value of a bird is the Macaw Parrot. Twenty years ago you could rarely find a Macaw for under four thousand dollars. Due to the availability and the declining price of the Macaw, the monetary value is now considerably lower.

The Nestling Haven takes great pride in all our birds and the care they receive, and this care extends to being healthy and happy in their new home. We appreciate all e-mails, and love to hear how the babies are adjusting in their new homes. We may post your update on our website, with picture if available. We will not post names or locations for the privacy of our clients. If you do not want your birds picture on our site, please advise us and we will respect your decision. An e-mail address is provided for any concerns or questions that may arise. All quiries will be regarded with the utmost importance and should a situation arise that we can not clarify, we will try to put you in contact with someone that can.

The Nestling Haven is a registered member of the Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada.

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