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Health Guarantee

The Nestling Haven will guarantee the health of all our birds upon their release.

The Nestling Haven loves all our baby birds, and we want them to be healthy and happy when you receive them and for years to come. We provide all our birds with proper care, a clean and healthy environment and good nutrition to maintain their excellent health. We expect caregivers to give their new friends the same healthy environment they are used to. Sometimes the unforeseen does happen and we will work with you to resolve any issues.

For this health guarantee to be valid, a buyer of a bird from The Nestling Haven must have their new bird checked by an avian veterinarian within 3 business days from the delivery or pick-up. If this examination reveals a condition that will affect the birds health and well being, as determined by the avian veterinarian, The Nestling Haven must be contacted by e-mail or phone immediately.

We will require all original documentation to be forwarded to The Nestling Haven within 7 days from receiving these records for verification.

If a bird should pass within the first 7 days of bringing your new addition home, it must be submitted to an avian veterinarian for a necropsy within 24 hours of its demise, and The Nestling Haven must be notified immediately. The bird must be kept in the fridge, not frozen. The lab reports and veterinarian records must be submitted to The Nestling Haven within 24 hours of date of procedure. The avian veterinarian will be contacted and these reports will be verified.

Upon verification of illness or death, and at our discretion, The Nestling Haven will provide another bird, of the same age and species, if one is available. Should another bird not be available, The Nestling Haven will either put the purchaser on a waiting list for the next clutch to hatch, or refund the purchase price. This will be discussed should the situation arise.

All documentation must include the leg band number of the bird. All guarantees are void if the leg bands are removed.

Should a buyer decide to not have their bird checked by an avian veterinarian, The Nestling Haven will consider this bird to be sold in an “as is” condition and will accept no liability for any illness that may occur in the future.

The Nestling Haven will not be liable for any veterinarian costs incurred.