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Wing Clipping

The following information regarding the clipping of birds wings is from my own experience and research. It is a personal opinion and believe everyones situation is different.

I personally clip all my birds wings at a very young age, and I keep them clipped.

I have a very active household with six people coming and going throughout the day. I do not want to take the chance of losing one of my precious little friends. My birds are out of their cages most of the day, and with the wings clipped I do not worry about them flying out a door that has been left open.
Even with the wings clipped, I realized how careful you must be

Last summer I took Yoshi, my quaker, outside with me. He was sitting on my shoulder quiet and comfortable. I don't know if he lost his balance or he tried to fly, but just at that same moment a strong gust of wind came up and between him flapping his wings and the wind he was able to get to a tree branch. I had no problem getting him back, but I thought I had lost him. Normally he is unable to get more than three feet off the ground, but this day he actually was blown away.

I am constantly reading ads on the internet and in the paper about birds that have been lost due to flying out a window or door that has been left open, and they are all similar. "Lost bird - flew out the door" or "Window left open and lost my best friend". I have had birds for over thirty years and I can't imagine the heartache of losing a bird like that. These pet birds don't have a chance of survival out in the wild. Other animals would prey on them, and because we have supplied them with food for so long, they may not know how to collect it themselves.

The other dangers that lay lurking are numerous and deadly. Open toilets, sinks with water in them, boiling pots, and the ever scary ceiling fan, are all fatal ends to our beloved birds. We don't think of looking for the possible dangers, because they have never been encountered by us, but we need to be aware of our surroundings, and the things your bird could get hurt by.

If you choose to leave your birds wings long, it is important the surroundings are checked to make sure all is safe and sound when your bird is out of its cage. You will be happy you took the extra three minutes to show your love.