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Purchasing a Bird

The prices for our birds are as follows:

Green Quaker Parrots $325.00
Blue Quaker Parrots $500.00
Green Indian Ringnecks $350.00
Lutino Indian Ringnecks $400.00
Blue Indian Ringnecks $550.00
Lovebirds $80.00 - 125.00 (depending on mutation)
Cockatiels $80.00 - $150.00 (depending on mutation)


All birds must be picked up from The Nestling Haven, unless special arrangements have been made with us. We will not travel with our birds until paid in full. Please, do not ask me to meet you in a parking lot so you can look at our birds. It will not happen. (This was an actual request). I will not jeopardize the health and safety of a bird for any amount of money.I will let the birds leave in a well ventilated box, but prefer to see them in a carrier or small cage.

When picking up a baby bird from us, please consider the weather. If it is very cold, please bring a blanket or towel to wrap him/her until your car is warm so the bird stays draft free.

If you decide you would like a bird and are unable to visit our location, deposits may be done by e-transfer, Western Union, or I can invoice you via Paypal. Send me a quick e-mail with your phone number and I will discuss the details with you. All information received by the Nestling Haven is kept secure.

Under no circumstances will The Nestling Haven sell unweaned birds. This is strictly for the health and safety of our babies. We need to know all babies are eating well on their own before we will ever release a bird.